Trujillo Tours for cruises from Salaverry Port

Tour itinerary

9:00 a.m Pick up from the port of Salaverry (Trujillo), start of the visit to «Las Huacas Del Sol y La Luna«, located to the south in the traditional Moche countryside, we will visit the largest constructions of the Moche civilization, with impressive polychrome murals of ancient divinities, finally we will have a view and take panoramic photos of the Temple of the Sun.
01:00p.m Stop for lunch in the city of Trujillo (lunch is not included).
02:30p.m The tour will continue to the north to visit the archaeological site of the ancient «City of Chanchan» now called Nikan Palace, and finally stop at the historic beach of Huanchaco.
Trujillo Main Square, The House of Identity or Old Center: Old republican mansion with outstanding architecture, exhibits an exhibition of typical dance Trujillo La Marinera.
La Casa Urquiaga: Current headquarters of the central reserve bank of Peru, the house will take us back to the 1800’s with a beautiful architecture, in one of its spaces was received Simon Bolivar, hero of the independence of Peru (Saturday and Sunday closed).
Jiron Pizarro: Walking down this central street we will see the outside of the Emancipation House and the Iturregui Palace that are part of the history of the city.
Museum of Archeology of the National University of Trujillo
The museum displays pieces of art, ceramics and textiles from the first settlers of the northern coast of Peru, and from the Cupisnique, Gallinazo, Salinar, Moche, Chimu and Inca cultures.

5:00 p.m. Arrival at the port of Salaverry, Trujillo and end of the tour.


Shared tour in small groups only for cruisers with pick up and return to the port of Salaverry, and guided in English.


290 soles per person

Meeting point:

The following options are available upon reservation:

1.-From the port of Salaverry «Trujillo», with previous reservation.

2.-In front of our main office in Trujillo, in Calle Orbegoso 363, half a block from the Plaza de Armas, Trujillo, Perú.

3.-Dowtown hotels of Trujillo, Perú.

Available: Tuesday to Sunday including holidays.

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